Things I’m Loving

Ten things I’m loving lately:

(1) Tender forehead kisses. You know the kind: they make everything instantly better. They are as tender as they are sweet. And I wouldn’t want to live in a world without them.

(2) Dove red-velvet flavored milk chocolates. Just ugh, so good. GO get yourself some now and thank me later! Quick, get your butt out the door while they are still on discount from valentine’s. They are the real deal.

(3) Pho. Pho-real. Give me ALL THE ASIAN FOOD ! Bonus points for topping with siracha.

(4) My oversized scarf. Wooly perfection. The perfect item to very publicly (and warmly!) self-swaddle in the most completely adult and totally socially-acceptable way.

(5) Joking. One thing that has really gotten me through recent health crises has been humor. Not that it makes everything magically better. But it sure as hell makes everything funnier. In all honesty, though, I could not have gotten through the week without Boyfriend and his endlessly irreverent humor by my side.

(6) Dogs. Dogs are little, hairy angel-sprites sent to earth to make us smile, give us endless amounts of love & cuddles, and to teach us humans how not to be such shits to each other. Dogs are just great.

(7) Lists. Lists can be useful or purposeful or just great. Take, for example, this one.

(8) Flurries.We’re not talking a full-on snow storm. But little tiny flurries that just ephemerally appear and disappear just as quickly, like a passing rain shower of glitter. Those are what I like best.

(9) Friends who drive me to medical appointments. Shout out to my homies. Thanks for being my DD while I seemingly endlessly exist as a cross between a hot mess and a total lump.

(10) Self-acceptance. Defo working on mastering this one still, but in those brief moments when I can manage to get the hang of it, it really makes life hella lot easier to do. I can’t spend life worrying that I’m going to do something and look like an idiot. I need to accept that I do stupid shit all the time and move on from it  . . . in a sparkly, glitter-cloud of fabulousness.


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